About me

Taylor Huxley


Ever Since I was a child I have loved being in front of the camera, It amazes me how a machine, mimicking the eye of man, can forever capture that moment in time, immortalizing it for eternity.

fashion is passion


Fashion has always played a huge role in my life, I love how the ability to change your look can completely alter everyone's perception of you.

The Written Word


I also have a keen interest in the written word, poetry has helped me stay strong through some of the most difficult times in my life.


I have enjoyed studying drama and the performing arts for over ten years; Within those years I received my National Qualifications and Higher National Certificates from the Scottish Qualifications Authority. I have also been awarded withe certificates from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

About me

My Background

During my years of being on stage I have been lucky enough to play many roles, each one different from the last. Preferring Constantine Stanislavsky's method acting approach to my craft; I immersed myself in different worlds, as different people, in different shoes.

Through character analysis and emotional investment I learned to love costumes and the symbolic meaning behind each piece of the embroidered puzzle, however subtle a statement each may be presenting to the overall tapestry.

This process taught me to use costumes, or "fashion" within my own life and harness that visual power; the fierceness of the stiletto heel, the underestimation of the little black dress or even the dangerously seducing nature of a painted red lip.

Although I regard modelling and acting as two distinctively separate entities, for me they are two halves of the same coin. After all, you cannot truly embody a character in your own clothes and you should not choose to adorn yourself with fashion without considering what you want to convey to the world.

So here I am, the eccentricity of a thespian with the flamboyant nature of an Alexander McQueen sketch-book-figure. Well... We all have our own unique qualities, don't we?